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1- Which Currency should I take with me?

Answer: Canadian or American (avoid Traveler’s cheques in Saudi Arabia)

2- In case I get sick, do I have access to hospitals…etc.,?
Answer: Yes! Every Hajji is covered free of charge.

3- What are the things I will need to wear?
Answer: Light Cotton clothes, slippers…etc.,

4- Can I wear my watch, glasses, contact lenses…etc., while being in Ihraam?
Answer: Yes you can!

5- Could I drink water from the tap?
Answer: It’s not recommended. Drink only from bottled water

6- Are we allowed to bring Zamzam Water with us?
Answer: Yes! All the Airlines are aware of that but it should not exceed the limits (they vary from an Airline to the other). The bottles must be wrapped and sealed either in Makkah or at the Airport in Jeddah.

7- What is the best and cheapest way to call home from Saudi Arabia?
Answer: The best way is to use calling cards. Avoid using the room telephone since the prices are very high and you will be charged for every single second. Local calls are not free.

8- Do we have to pay for laundry, room services, special orders?
Answer: Yes you are responsible and the group will not be allowed by the hotel management to check out if 1 person does not pay his, or her bills.

9- Do we have access to the internet?
Answer: Yes, there are internet rooms at the hotels, but it’s much cheaper to use internet cafes and shops.

10- Who should I talk to if I need help in the hotel, with the luggage, with the bus…etc.,?
Answer: In the Hotel speak to the desk clerks or the Group desk managers. In the bus or when you need help with your luggage speak to the accompanying attendant of the group.

11- When will I be able to make some shopping and where?
Answer: The best time is after the 13th of Dhul Hijjah when you go to the hotel in Makkah. However, you can also buy some things in Madinah such as dates and clothes…etc.,

In Saudi Arabia as in other Muslim Countries you need to bargain. Never pay the displayed price unless it is a Supermarket. Do not rush and always compare prices and take your time. The best places to buy things a are the large places where there are varieties of things.

12- Could I use a stool or a wheel chair in the Haram?
Answer: Yes you can!

13- If I lose wudu in the Haram in Makkah or Madinah, how do I renew it?
Answer: You will have to go out to the washrooms nearby. That is why it is advisable to make wudu just before you enter the Haram. There are no washrooms inside the Harams. Those who may have some problems could remain closer to the exit.

14- If I finish all my Hajj rituals, what is the best thing I could do before the last Tawaaf (Tawaaf al-Wada’)?
Answer: Make Tawaaf Nafilah. And pray consistently in the Haram

15- In Madinah, what are the best times to go to ar-Rawdah as-Shareefah?
Answer: 3 hours Before Fajr.

16- My skin gets irritated, dry…etc., am I allowed to use some cream, Vaseline…etc., when I am in Ihram?
Answer: Yes you are allowed as long as it is for that purpose. Avoid perfuming creams and lotions, perfumed soaps and as much as you can when you are in the state of Ihram.

17- Where should I keep my documents, valuables…etc.,?
Answer: Put them in the safe in your room or in the general safe. Do not walk with your documents. 1 I.D or a wrist band is enough.

18- How do I know about our group’s schedules, trips, lectures and general notices?
Haram and when you come back. Answer: Always Check the signs and group desks at the hotels every day when you go to the 

19- Who should I talk to if I am lost in Makkah, Madinah, Mina or anywhere else?
Answer: Talk to a policeman or a firefighter. There are also youth dressed up like scouts who are usually helpful and many of them speak English. Show them your ID and remember your Office Number.